Colorado AAUP Issues Report: CU violates academic freedom, should be “last resort” for teachers seeking jobs

After an intense investigation, the Colorado Conference of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) issued a 136-page report concluding that the University of Colorado fired Ward Churchill in violation of “the most basic principles of academic freedom it purports to uphold.” 

According to the Report, CU’s internal investigative committee “suppressed and misrepresented evidence that worked in Churchill’s favor, and contrived evidence against him,” and repeatedly “violated many of its own rules.” 

Finding that Ward Churchill and adjunct professor Phil Mitchell were both ousted because of their political views, the Colorado Conference of the AAUP recommends “that any faculty seeking employment accept a position at the University of Colorado only as a last resort.”

Click to read the Report (the Churchill report is at pp.116-251).  See also “AAUP Unit Slams U. of Colorado…” Chronicle of Higher Education, Nov. 8, 2011; Academe Blog, Nov. 9 2011.