Russell Means

November 10, 1939 – October 22, 2012

We join those honoring Russell Means, a man who insisted on living as a free human being and who consistently worked—and fought—for the people.  As observed by Ward Churchill, “He gave pride to something that was systematically crushed.  To be Indian was not to be human.  He turned that around in a real fundamental way.”  

Russell Means struggled for all peoples to be free, from Pine Ridge to Palestine, from the Miskito of Nicaragua to the Dalits of India.  And, he emphasized, “When I fight for my people’s rights, when I stand up for our treaties, when I protest government lies and illegal seizures and unlawful acts, I defend all Americans, even the bigoted and misguided.” 

Click here for pictures and details of the honoring ceremony in Kyle, SD; here for background.   For more information see,, and his autobiography.